Glory to Grulovia!

welcome to my site!

my name is junior, it's nice to meet you!

i'm stupid idiot who loves coding even though i'm so shit at it.

as you can probably tell, i love and its sequels!

as you can probably also tell, i am a massive fan of GRULOVIA!

it's one of my biggest hfs and i probably know everything about it.

i hope to one day learn js and c++, though i don't have the money for courses or the free time to learn. oh well. a guy can dream.

feel free to leave a message in the guestbook if you'd like!

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12/6/23 some edits on the about page, nothing much. also a new blog update! happy december!

11/22/23 some misc edits, including two new links on the links page. hi everybody :]

11/7/23 hi again guys. trust me, i dind't forget about this place! senior year and stuff. again just looking to update the blog with where i've been. i'm gonna be less active for a while, but i think you all can already tell.

10/20/23 long time no see! didn't end up moving the pictures at all, LOL. apologies for my absence, i've been doing school stuff. being a senior sucks guys. probably just gonna update the blog today.

10/8/23 new webring! nothing else lol, i'll move all the discord pictures to catbox before i go to bed.

10/7/23 made a new site button!!

still 10/1/23 made the guestbook a few hours ago!! haven't updated the graphics page yet but i will in a bit :]

10/1/23 gonnna get to work today!! replacing the cbox with a guestbook to combat the spam that i keep getting. i was also planning on updating the graphics page with a lot of new stamps and blinkies that i've been grabbing in my absence. also might work on transferring discord files to catbox. will take a while but it'll be worth it. gonna update the blog first though lol.

9/28/23 new fanlisting. will update the graphics page this weekend or next week. gonna type up a blog post maybe?

9/23/23 i'm back. i think. things have been rough but i'm managing now. might do some edits today if i feel like it.

9/8/23 hi everyone. i won't be working on the site for a bit, dealing with some personal things. hopefully i'll see you all again soon!

still 8/29/23 might make a new page tomorrow! i'll see if i'm able lol. also i want to say thank you to everyone who has said they like my site/linked me on theirs! glory to grulovia!

8/29/23 not an update, just wanted to mention that i switched from chrome to firefox!

still 8/24/23 the psychonauts 2 anniv is tomorrow!!! idk if i'll actually do anything special for it if i'm being honest. i haven't been really able to play the game for a bit and i've been thinking about making a page just for it on the site but idk if i'll have time.. i'll see.

8/24/23 i'm actually probably not going to redo my site layout cus this is just too silly. i like it. it's very me. added a new link to the links page, might add a new page today.

8/23/23 long time no update. sorry about that! school is starting up again next week so i've been having less time to code. in other news, i added some links, some blinkies, some cliques, and a new webring :]. going to update the blog in a bit. update a few hours later: i've been working on revamping the site layout! apologies to the person who said they thought it was cool lol... idk if i'll actually go through with it but i've been thinking about it and i've been at my computer doig this for likee 2 hours. lol.

8/4/23 updated a link. thats all

8/3/23 no update but it's my birthday!! i'm 17 now. that's all lol

7/29/23 updated the graphics page with some blinkies + changed the layout a small bit. sorry for the lack of updates, i've been busy irl.

7/18/23 did some formatting changes on the about page + new fanlisting. not much else to say lol

7/17/23 fully revamped the graphics page! how did this take me 3 hours. idk what else to do so i'm gonna go play the sims. goodnight everybody.

7/16/23 back on my computer! hello everyone. i downloaded (and made!) a bunch of graphics while i was out so i'll add those all right now. i'll update the blog later as well.

7/12/23 doing this from my phone because my computer won't connect to the internet lol. starting either today or the 13th and ending on the 16th, i'm gonna be upstate for a family event, so i won't be able to code. i'll see you guys after that though!

7/11/23 new webring type thing again. i'll fix the positioning later i'm not supposed to be up right now oops. bye guys

7/7/23 new webring. sorry i didn't code yesterday, i've been doing other stuff.

still 7/5/23 new webring added. i don't really plan on coding today lol. also from now on i'm not gonna talk about blog updates here anymore because that would clog the log lol.

7/4/23 - 7/5/23 did a lot of cleaning up + polishing. planning on updating the blog then playing don't starve and going to bed. i did so much stuff i didn't need to do. anyway i'm going to go do the things. yeah. good night.

still 7/3/32 i added more stuff to the blog. i am so tired of coding right now. i will play some of the sims and then later i will play don't starve. goodnight everybody.

7/3/23 finished the blog! well it looks how i want it to look for now. tbh i've been thinking about redesigning this whole site but i don't feel like coming up with any new designs for it so it stays for now. not that i don't like it of course but i wonder what it would look like if it was differnet you know?

still 7/2/23 2 and a half hours later i'm taking a break to go play don't starve. lol. i'll finish the blog today dw about it guys. i like how it looks so far hopefully it turns out awesome

7/2/23 alright time to get to work. waaa. gonna do the blog today. and then? idk. might make a new shrine i'll see where that goes. soo undertsimulated rn its okay i'll live.

6/21/23 added some stuff to the collections page + fixed a spelling error. i have a weird headache so i'm not gonna do much today. school is finally out & i've been playing a lot of don't starve lately. woodrow my beloved

6/14/23 1K+ VIEWS!!!!! hi guys, there's actually no update today. i just wanted to let you all know that i'm still here. i'm currently in the middle of finals week, so i'll try to get some stuff done next week (aka after school is over.) in other news, i've been trying to homebrew my 3ds and it's been making me so tired. in other other news. i've been playing papa louie games a lot lately when i'm not studying for finals. good times

6/3/23 new webring! happy pride month guys. my first edit of the week and its on a saturday. sorry for my lack of edits lol i've been helping out my sib jack with his own website all week. hopefully i can actually do the blog soon, since the end of school is coming up pretty quick. if i don't have summer school, expect a lot of edits eventually. or don't. i'm bad at keeping promises lol.

5/29/23 added so many blinkies today. i said i was gonna do more (like do the blog) this weekend but i've been playing minecraft this entire time. maybe i'll do the blog this week. if i'm not playing minecraft that is.

5/25/23 just some small edits. i'm in class rn, though i have a 4 day weekend so i'll probably be able to get at least the new site button + maybe the blog done. in other news, i'm currently listening to my teacher argue with someone's parent over the phone it's crazy. in other other news i'm back to drawing more frequently so i've been thinking about opening commissions on my instagram soon. i really need to make a blog so i stop putting all this on the updates section lol.

5/21/23 finally added the blinkies and stamps and stuff page. it will be updated periodically. i've been playing a bit of miitopia lately so here's a raz i made. isnt he so silly. might remake the site button today if i feel like it.

5/19/23 no actual update yet today. i'm planning on conceptualizing the blog and i'm also contiuing to collect blinkies and stamps.

5/13/23 some webring stuff. i would love to join some other cool webrings, so if you guys see any cool ones, lmk :] i haven't started uploading the blinkies/stamps yet but i will soon hopefully. i'm doing this on my sibling's computer because of course i am. i literally never do things on my own computer lol. i'm tired fire emoji

5/11/23 more formatting stuff. i'm at school right now but hopefully when i get home i can start uploading a bunch of blinkies to catbox for my blinkie/stamp section. i'm kind of tired rn lol.

5/7/23 just some formatting stuff for now. again, haven't really been in the mood to code. i spent a few hours yesterday trying to get RoR to run on my mom's headset with no success :[. my computer won't run the most recent versions of the nvidia graphics driver so it's been pretty sucky. some day i will actually play that game. anyway yeah small update today. does anyone actually read these? whatever. glory to grulovia!

5/4/23 happy may 4th lol. added a to-do list! also edited the "grulovia shrine" a little bit. i haven't had much drive to code lately, unfortunately. i've been watching a lot of mlp: fim though lol. here's a picture of my ponysona as a little apology for being a bit inactive lately. glory to grulovia!

5/1/23 well. sorry for my lack of activity in the past 4 days. i've been focusing on school for a little bit. i actually want to graduate next year lol. i'll try working on some updates soon, though. typing this up at school on my phone, i actually haven't been on my pc in a while lol.

still 4/27/23 therapy was cool. as soon as i came home from school the wifi went out so i'm just now updating. added that little cbox guide page and i'm probably just gonna chill for the rest of the night.

4/27/23 added some new emotes to the cbox and i'll upload a small guide for my cbox when i get home. i have therapy today so i won't be able to do a whole lot today but that's okay we stay silly. hopefully nothing breaks i'm on my phone right now.

still 4/26/23 i added a links page!! and noticed some flaws in my other code this is the worst. i fixed them of course but why is coding both fun and tiring at the same time. i wanna lay in my bed and eat flamin hot doritos or just play psychonauts all day. sigh. a guy can dream. just got the urge to make shrines for my psychonauts ocs. erm

4/26/23 i fell asleep as soon as i got home yesterday oops. at school again, added cbox. i apologize if you see insanity. editing this on my phone so sorry if something breaks lol. hopefully i actually get things done when i get home.

4/25/23 at school right now. added the "grulovia shrine". you'll see why it's in quotes.

still 4/24/23 made it home but sort of fatigued. will get to work eventually today.

4/24/23 on my chromebook right now. edited the landing a bit and updated some stuff in the psychonauts shrine. planning on adding at least one more page when i get home from school, along with a cbox and a to-do list so i don't have to clog the update log with all of this. i've been thinking about adding a new shrine, though i haven't gotten any idea of what i want it to look like yet. i can't get a widget to work, so i'll try a spotify one instead. also planning on starting that blinkie/stamp section, though i might make it its own page. i'll have to think about it. also considering on moving all of my images to catbox so they can be viewed on all devices.

4/23/23 first thing in the update log! added this and finished the new landing page. i can't believe i had grulovia spelled wrong in the text for this page the entire time. i will eventually start working on shrine stuff + im planning on adding more pages so stay tuned! also planning on adding a widget and a blinkie/stamp section on my about.